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R oyale Figurez is a professional and certified life coaching firm. Our team is specialized in providing interpersonal, professional, and financial training to our clients to accomplish their goals.

In addition to this, we also work as credit consultors and real estate advisors. We offer a wide range of services to help our clients to unleash their skills to be successful individuals.

The aim is to provide life coaching and develop personalities to create future leaders. My team and I are highly trained professionals and deal with a variety of clients such as businesspeople, students, public figures, celebrities, etc.

Our clients come from different backgrounds, and we work on customizing our services to meet their requirements.


“My mission is to ensure that you thrive in all areas of your life.”

-Samuel L. Richardson III

I am Samuel L. Richardson III, and I am the founder/CEO of RoyaleFigurez, an interpersonal and professional coaching company. After spending years in the corporate world, I decided to spread my knowledge and experience in helping out people to become the best version of themselves.


I am a board-certified credit consultant, life coach, author, and real estate investor to change people’s lives through my expertise. I have been involved in several activities relating to entrepreneurship, career counseling, credit repair, stock, and investments. All this helped me in developing a unique understanding of both personal and professional achievements. Moreover, I believe that happy people can be successful in all stages of life. When you are aware of yourself, your expertise, your capabilities, your goals, you can do wonders and be happy. I am here to help you know yourself and lead a life that can bring immense success and joy.

Who are we?

They say when someone is happy and satisfied, it reflects in his/her work. Inner happiness and peace can work as a driving factor to be successful in all stages of life. RoyaleFigurez is a leading professional and personal coaching firm that aims to build people and their lives. We work with the people and for the people to reshape their life and career goals. Our highly trained and well-equipped team focusses on building interpersonal skills, increasing productivity, and improving capabilities.


Our mission is to provide professional and personal coaching to people to unleash their expertise and thrive in all stages of life.


We envision a world full of people who are happy and successful in doing the things they love.

Our values


The primary purpose of our organization is to build strong relationships through our expert coaching.


This is a driving force; we work solely to help our clients to be successful in the world.


We want to build a world for our clients that not only reflects their love but ours as well. We share our passion for being happy with you to help you achieve your life goals.


We value trust amongst our clients and the team to be successful.


I am a board-certified credit consultant and success and life coach with years of experience. Being a real estate investor, I appreciate all the techniques and strategies that are needed to build financial wealth. Moreover, I enjoy penning down all the information and smartly uploading each article for the professionals. To help them with the essential tips and valuable lessons regarding multiple fields of life. My blogs are a guiding light for all, so stay safe and keep reading!!!

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1. Board Certified Credit Consultant

Credit Restoration
I provide credit restoration service to our valued clients. It is for credit repair to give accurate and verified information about the account that further adds to the credit reports. The process has multiple steps; therefore, we request a corporation from the clients for a smooth procedure.
I provide budget counseling to our clients. My expert team and I offer budgeting services to provide a layout for the credit procedure. It is a road map which we design, keeping the requirements of the clients. We help you to make the most out of your money by creating a balanced budget.
Savings Goals
I work closely with the clients to help them set saving goals after monitoring their financial lifestyle. Money sometimes becomes a problem; therefore, one should have a backup plan to survive rainy days. We intimately understand the requirements of our clients and then provide saving plans that suit best.
Credit Builder
My company and I also provide a credit builder loan facility to the clients. We offer credit builder loans to our clients who want to take credit and have no money to deposit as security. With us, you do not have to worry about anything because we are certified consulting firms who look after your credit matters.
Credit Attorney
I am a credit attorney and provides several services to repair the credit of our clients. The services include Negotiation with agencies who are responsible for reporting your credit. We also ask for the removal of negative items, such as late payments, foreclosures, and charge offs from the credit report.
Credit Monitoring
We are also offering credit monitoring services to our clients to keep track of the activities related to their credit. Our team is an expert in control and evaluating this periodic process of reviewing credit reports for accurate information and changes that indicate events that can be recorded as a fraud.
Not only this, I also look after the debt-payoff or debt settlement service. My company works as a negotiating party between the creditor and our client to reduce the amount you owe. We ask our clients to open a savings account, and when there is enough money, we negotiate with creditors on behalf of you.
Financial Lockbox
My company works as a financial lockbox for banks and collect payments from their customers. It is a way to streamline the payment procedure. We accept money to get access to cash from the customers. This service helps the banks as well as the customers/organizations involved to have a secure payment procedure.
Net Worth
As Net Worth consultants provide our clients with a platform to manage their investments and also facilitates stock and funds trading. We aim to give our clients financial security and planning by meeting their business goals. We work as an advisor to maintain stocks and funds.
Will and Trust
Will and trust both are useful in creating an estate plan, but both have different purposes to offer. Will comes in effect after the death of the holder while confidence comes in fact when its created. Our teamwork with the clients in creating will and trust as per the requirements.
We have created a Youth Financial Literacy program for kids to learn to be financially responsible. Under this, we have formed Family Mint; it is award-winning online management and goal-setting application that helps kids to connect their money with real-world meaning. Your UCES Protection Plan membership gives you access to the YFL’s Family Mint web and mobile interfaces.
Life Insurance
Our company also provides Life Insurance facility to our clients. We design a full suite of resources to help our clients effectively to manage employee benefits, investments, and retirement needs. It is a natural, fast, affordable, and hassle-free procedure to have a secure future for your family and loved ones.

3. Author

I am a passionate writer and an author of two successful books. I have authored a book for children “Hygiene,” it is a highly informative book to lead a healthy lifestyle. The book helps in understanding how important it is to maintain a hygienic livelihood. Another book that I have written, named “How to Raise Your Credit Score.” It is an insightful book with hundreds of techniques that you can follow to raise the credit score. I aim to spread knowledge with my words so it can reach as many people as possible and get benefited from it.

4. Real Estate Investor

I am an experienced Real Estate Investor with significant knowledge of the real estate business. I have spent years in real estate to learn how things work on the field. My expert opinion can help you in making money in real estate with little or no money at all. Also, I can assist in helping you buy and hold real estate for monthly cash flows. Real estate is a risky business, but if you have expert opinion, knowledge, and skills, then you can be successful. I am here to provide service to my clients who are looking for a safe and secure way of investing in real estate.


Samuel L. Richardson III is an entrepreneur, life coach, and real estate investor. He has years of experience in shaping people’s lives to be successful individuals.

Affirmative Talk with Samuel L. Richardson III is a series of podcasts that are designed to boost your self-confidence and to motivate you to chase your dreams. This podcast will make you think deeply with strong and impactful words that will unleash your true self. There is so much potential in human beings, but they are not aware of how to capitalize on their talents. The podcast will open ways for the listeners in discovering their talents and setting goals, both personal and professional.

I believe anyone can be successful if they have someone to guide through the path. I am here with my magical words to change the way you think, live, and work. My podcast is for everyone who needs a little push to climb the ladder of success. You might be thinking, what you need to do? You just have to listen and embark on the journey of self-discovery with me.

Moreover, by the end of the series, I can assure you that you will feel empowered and more confidant to take steps that you were afraid of taking before.

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